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Nichole McAuley is currently a Bi-Coastal

Makeup/Hair artist specializing in Branding, Beauty, Weddings, TV and film.  She has launched her own cosmetic brand called Nichole McAuley Cosmetics.  It is Vegan, Cruelty free, Paraban free, and in Recyclable packaging.   Born in Atlanta, Georgia, Nichole started dancing and performing in front of live audiences at the age of four. She knew from the moment she stepped on stage for the first time that she wanted to build her life in the entertainment industry.
  At age eight she was Singing, Dancing, doing Print Work and Television Commercials, and by the age of ten McAuley was one of the top child models in the country.  At that time “Sixty Minutes” chose her as lead story with Morley Safer.  Soon after the segment aired,on Sept.11,1977.  McAuley was offered a modeling contract to become the “Dittos” girl, and she and her family relocated to California to pursue her dreams. 
  Many opportunities arose in Hollywood and McAuley started working on Television shows such as “The Tim Conway Show”  “Father Murphy” and many others. After graduating from North Hollywood High, Nichole was lead singer and dancer in Atlantic City in the main room of the Atlantis Hotel. Next, went on world tours for L.A.Gear as a lead Singer and Dancer.  McAuley was then chosen out of thousands to become a living "Barbie" for Mattel Toys for two years, which included Singing and Dancing at The White House in front of  over ten thousand children and President Bush.  


Nichole’s career continued with parts in movies such as “The Nutty Professor,”  “Kiss the Girls,"  "The Devil You Know."  Along with several guest spots on television shows, that are  to many to list.   "Sixty Minutes"  with Morley Safer still on board, hired a Private investigator to find Nichole and went on to shoot a twenty year later follow up story.   While working on Star Trek Voyager as 7of9's photo and body double, A Star Fleet member, Borge and Holograms, Nichole became inspired to learn about Hair and Make Up.   She was then introduced to and studied under  A Hollywood iconic Make Up Artist.  Nichole slowly transitioned into becoming a top Make-Up Artist and Hair Stylist, working with celebrities in Television, Film, Commercials and Print.

  With a lifetime in front of, and behind the camera, Nichole is doing it all! Living the Dream as Actress, Singer, Dancer and Make-up/Hair Artist.             Nichole has now added Advocate for the Forensics Sexual Assault Team at Grady Hospital.  And will be Building Roxie's Rescue Ranch with The Lindy Foundation 501c3 Non-Profit.



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